Joe Lington is a R&B and soul artist. Music has always been a part of his life. He grew up listening to artists like Kora and Djembe, singing and dancing along with his grandfather and his friends. In his music now, the artist strives to bring that energy and movement. His three-single release, ‘WTPA’ beautifully exemplifies this.

Across the tracks, we see Joe fusing the silky sentiments of soul with upbeat rhythms and elating sonic elements. We see hip-hop frames juxtaposed with neoclassicals and sublime blues. As you simmer in his dreamy vocal evolutions, you can’t help but vibe to the rhythmic tangents that play across. If you enjoy the work of Usher, Bruno Mars, and Keith Sweat, you will definitely enjoy Joe’s music.

We can’t fully appreciate the work of this artist without getting into the production value. With sublime and seamless mixing and sonic engineering, he infuses his soundscapes with nuanced emotional perspectives and memorable sonic moments. Listen Now!

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