Joint Five is an a cappella group based in Germany that specialises in producing music with a touch a comedy. Their humorous lyricism when combined with pop and rock sonic palettes make for a truly unique listening experience. They have been performing live since 2018 and now have their debut EP “A Capella und ein hauch von kasspatzle” available for streaming!

The title of the EP “A Capella und ein hauch von kasspatzle” translates to “A Cappella and a touch of käsespätzle”, kasspatzle being an authentic, cheesy German dish, makes evident their genre of humour.  The track “Dumme Fragen” meaning stupid questions starts the five-track EP off where we are directly introduced to the lead vocalist Roman Muth who carries the track effortlessly!  The melody is bright, catchy and has a sing-songy rhythm to it. The entire body is used in the production of sound, for example claps.

The bridge section of the track is really well produced. While the lead vocalist assumes a cadence that is similar to rap, Jochen Russ and Philip Zell who are responsible for tenor give us some angelic harmonies. The beat-boxing by Stephan Engst is really sharp and punchy while the bass by Thomas Fritsch uses a staccato accent, making it really rhythmic

Joint Five taps into a really unique genre with their work; playing to their strengths by tapping into music and comedy. If you are in the mood for some acapella, made sure to check out “Dumme Fragen” by Joint Five along with their EP “A Capella und ein hauch von kasspatzle” here: