Joshua Pearlstein is a songwriter and pop artist from Atlanta, currently based in Boston. His journey with music started early in life with music lessons. Self-admittedly influenced by artists like Micheal Jackson, Prince and Lady Gaga, towards High School he started sharpening skills by picking up different instruments. At Berklee College of Music he is currently able to fully immerse himself in the craft with the help of professors. He has been releasing his own music in 2024 and “Endorphins” comes as his third release!

The track takes no time to show the listener what they can expect and comes right at you with all the elements it has in store for you. The staccato strings, the clappy anthemic percussion that forms the backbone of the track along with the bass that builds on top of itself progressively. It is evident that Joshua Pearlstein understands his production intimately and the choice to keep the instrumentation simple, allows the melody and vocals to take centre stage.

Joshua Pearlstein has a very unique and memorable voice that he uses to his advantage. The versatility in his vocal performance specifically shines during the bridge. The melody is catchy and the production has an electronic touch that does not feel heavy. I thought the bass was subtle, grungy and urgent especially during the chorus, making it one of my favourite elements on the track.

Lyrically the track explores the physiological effects the power and presence of another person can have on someone. The way they make your thought race, the endorphins they get flowing inside your body, the obsessiveness and insatiability of attraction are explored. The track is short enough to not feel repetitive and fits right into the genre of pop with the ability to distinguish itself from the rest of the sonic landscape!

Check out “Endorphins” by Joshua Pearlstein here: