With sky-high synths and a dance-driven rhythm, Josy B creates a feel-good and fun soundscape with her new single, Crush. The song is the fourth song from her EP. Her style and flair are reminiscent of pop queens like Kesha, Katy Perry, and Jennifer Lopez. She debuted in 2007 with her single Red Rum and followed it with a 9-song album, Theory of Addicts in 2010.

She made a fantastic comeback in 2021 with Crybaby, XX Bad, and began 2022 with the release BTW, all of which precedes Crush in her new EP. The diverse sound pallets and styles of each of the songs make for a beautiful pop mosaic with accents of soul,  R&B, and a little bit of blues.

Punching beats set up an ecstatic rhythm that is impossible to resist. You can feel it sway your hips and move your shoulders as it moves through you. The vocals land into the beats and scatter the synths to create a sparkling canvas. A resilient bassline makes pulls the track together as it absorbs the strength of the beats. Powerful hooks boomerang through the soundscape, weaving in and out of the fresh vocals. The vocal arrangement is thoroughly engaging with emotive modulations and also includes sassy ad-libs that have us going back for more.

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