Joyeur is the musical moniker of LA-bred vocalist, songwriter, and artist, Joelle Corey (aka Jo). Her brand of neo-soul, alternative R&B, and avant-pop music is a pure delight with remarkable highs and affecting concepts. Underbelly (Wilmore Remix) by Joyeur was first released as a single before being featured in the artist’s latest remix album, How To Love Yourself And Not Destroy Everything. The album features eight tracks remixed by many artists including her long-time production collaborator, Anna Feller, YGO, SJU, Gothic Tropic, Munsi, Aaron Anthony, and Wilmore.

This remix is a dance floor of effervescing psychedelia. With a trippy rhythmic mutation, Wilmore repurposes the original track by speeding it up. Joyeur’s version is a slow hypnotic burn with romantic vocal arcs. While the remix retains the essence of the track, the artists flesh it out with synthetic harmonies, fleeing beats, and sped-up vocals. The funk-electronica drives us to exhilarating tipping points of high emotion as the dance beats arouse a hyperbolic euphoria.

The artist debuted with her single Dig in 2018. The track beamed Jo on the map and is till today, the most listened-to song from her discography. She has released over ten songs over the last four years, each a unique musical journey of its own.

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