What started as a vocal group among high school friends in 1999, has now become a genre-diverse band that crafts beautiful and uncommon blends of melody. Joined by talented collaborators and friends, Ju-taun (pronounced zha-táwn) combines rock, reggae, folk, latin, jazz, funk, soul, and gospel influences to curate a sound that speaks to their experiences and artistic affiliations. In their latest track, Release, Ju-taun embellish the alt-pop song with a garden of contemporary soul elements, acoustics, and melodic rock. 

The song opens up like a luminous flower. Dripping with adoration and devotion, the love song forms in a swirling pool of electric riffs, ascending vocals, and dancing acoustics. Its novelty and freshness is beguiling. With choral accents blossoming on the pop-rock fringes and voracious soul vocal lifting into the emotion, the track makes for a marvelous listening experience. 

The artists’ bold musical discoveries and sonic arrangements speak to their virtuoso. Listening to their discography, their passion for finding an original sound becomes increasingly evident. No two songs are alike. Each one dwells in a sonic world of its own. Ju-taun is Brothers Jake and James Evans, Samoeun Cheng (original members) along with Stephen Honsberger, Carter Fox, and Jordan Damiani.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Release by Ju-taun here –