Judy Granville is a singer-songwriter based in Brighton. She has been releasing music since 2016 and has five singles and an EP under her belt. Although her arrival to music in her 60s is inspiring for it reminds the rest of us that it is never too late, her creativity is also a reminder that age is just a number!

“Be Still and Wait” has really simple and elemental production that is extremely catchy proving that complication isn’t always equivalent to good. I really enjoyed the bass guitar that effectively hit all the right spots! The production on the percussion is charming and the shooting sound effects add themes of gamification. I thought that the middle section had really groovy strings and percussion.

Judy Granville gives an interesting and husky vocal performance with the effect used on her voice making it echoed out, monotone and robotic. She adds whispers and even changes her voice based on the character to add mystery. The chords on the electric guitar are well-written but sometimes feel jarring compared to the sonic palette of the rest of the track. The track introduces all the instruments and layers them excellently towards the last minute in a way that ties them together, leaving the taste of coherence on our ears.

The songwriting is perhaps one of the most interesting elements of the track. It is the narrative of someone looking for clarity and meeting a force that actually offers them the advice “Be Still and Wait”. It is a mysterious story into which visual descriptions of nature are interwoven. We are left with a cliff-hanger as we don’t know what happens once this advice is accepted, but I thought this was a really interesting take on songwriting!

Both sonically and lyrically, Judy Granville brings exciting, new and interesting elements to the forefront on “Be Still and Wait”!