Over the past three decades, Petrin has created a beautiful ensemble of musical themes and styles that he is now re-publishing piece by piece. The German-Italian artist builds bridges between neo-classical music, compositional ambient, and downtempo electronica to create emotional movements. Julian Petrin released Embrace in 2003.

Look out for the sweeping arcs influenced by the artist’s prime musical inspirations like Jean-Michel Jarre, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and David Sylvian. The artist’s melodic expanses fall within the spectrum extending between Vladimir Cosma, Philippe Sarde, Francis Lai, and Air, Rone, Bayonne, and Niklas Paschburg.

It’s magnificent to watch the musical prowess of the artist as he builds panoramic expanses. Using beats as a locomotive, the artist manifests a rich soundscape that swells into an orchestral grandeur. The glory of the violin melodies beautifully synergizes with the indubitable eternity of the synths. The gradual scaling of the warm and illuminating melodies powers the theme of the song. We witness the glowing birth of a matchless embrace that lightens and soothes the soul.

As a veteran of synth-pop/cinematic instrumental pop, that artist has a beautiful bouquet of songs that are versatile. They showcase the transitions in style, use, and changing flavors of synth-pop, over the decades, to today’s eclectic expanse of electronic instrumental music!

Available on YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify!

Listen to Embrace by Julian Petrin here –

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