JUNK is the brainchild of jazz-hip hop duo Dirty D and Dubl A. Having played in underground clubs for years, the duo now make music that is inspired by their truth and experiences. Junk ‘s new five-track EP, Chromatose, is a beautiful coalition of jazz, electronica, and hip-hop. It features the talent of Flawless Solace and Scott AKA Strap. 

Dirty D is a saxophile. Dubl A is an expert bassist with a keen understanding of music theory. Together, they create fascinating fusions that burst with jazz/funk sensibilities. There’s so much to unpack! Let’s get into it. 

The album opens with the title track featuring Flawless Solace. It’s a riveting blend of several styles. And with every curve, it takes on a new personality with a new story to tell. It is led by a dominant saxophone presence against a deep bass groove.

Teasing a union, they slowly become one by adopting the other’s personality. Rock riffs edge the climactic union with several other string textures thrown into the mix. And the flaming funk party, on the drop of a hat, transforms into a classical acoustic tea party with soulful cello and piano melodies. 

None Other Than Dirty D, featuring Scott AKA Strap is a saxophone showcase. The instrumental takes the vivacious quality of the saxophone and amplifies it with hip-hop beats, and cymbal accents. The deep basslines elevate the sound of the saxophone and launch us into smooth jazz highs. Wisps of piano acoustics lends its softness to the track. 

Chill Pill brings a new dimension to the track. With glassy textures and headlining basslines, it’s a song that’s stuck between vintage and contemporary styles. Shrill piano acoustics peak with blues; a beautiful segue. The occasional saxophone accents adds a pleasing perspective to this groovy track. 

Featuring Flawless Solace, the fourth track, Blow has a story to tell. Its silver beats and cascading melodies form a descending soundscape. It’s all very cinematic. While the saxophone pumps out soul blues, the basslines thunder with tension. The performative melodies and dynamic composition is sure to spruce up your senses. 

Frogadelic sets a whole new atmosphere. It concludes the album with its tropical style. Latin beats and melodies are accentuated by croaking percussion. The use of naturalistic sounds yet again showcase the duo’s flair for dramatic compositions. They complete the atmosphere with earthy percussion. Rising through the angular basslines and helixes of sax melodies, the song prances with glee and smooth psychedelia. 

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You can listen to Chromatose by JUNK here-