Kamakshi Khanna is a singer-songwriter from Mumbai, India who primarily works within the genres of Pop, Folk and Soul. She has performed in music festivals like the NH7 weekender and VH1 Supersonic and has been releasing her own music for almost a decade now. Her latest single “I Blew It” starts off her new EP “Heartbreak 2020” on a hot note!

The cover art of “I Blew it!” with the its red-ish pink themes and centrally placed nostalgia inducing flip-phone screams bubble-gum pop! The percussion of the track makes use of standard drums that don’t come off as heavy as they have an inherent airiness to them. The claps add a musical theatre effect. The dreamy blurred-out synth and the atmosphere they create occupy centre stage on the track.

Kamakshi Khanna gives a husky and bold vocal performance that make the themes of the track feel as if they are spoken about in retrospect. The rhythmic and urgent base along with the back-up vocals add details and variations to the single.

The song-writing on “I Blew It!” explores the feelings that come along with an infatuation. The overthinking, weirdness, self-doubt and butterflies that make a romantic interest what it is are spoken about. The desire to go back and re-do interactions for the regret of having messed things up takes us back to a time when so much depended on this desire!

Kamakshi Khanna taps into a unique period of time in everyone’s life and locks the angsty emotions sonically into “I Blew It!”. Make sure to check it out here: