Melbourne-based folk/pop singer-songwriter, Karen Harding has just released her EP album, I’ve Got A Secret, which is concluded with Letter To My Friend. The artist strives to create soul conversations and selects emotional and self-reflective themes for her songs. With a rich instrumental backdrop, the artist’s honest and ethereal vocals rage with majesty and elegance.

Acoustic guitar strings introduce us to the track. Like fresh dew drops, the guitar rhythm drips with a clarify-infusing freshness. Therapeutic and calming, the track blossoms with optimism and reassuring warmth. The vocals are like a soft caress, as beautiful as a kind word and as warm as a hug. With a slow flourish, the track lilts and flows with unyielding grace and elegant style.

The unmoving slowness of the track allows us to marinate in the feelings and memories of the protagonist. Melancholic and numbing, the melodies portray an image of a lived-in sadness, an old pain that is revived by memories. Reminiscent of Celine Dion, the melodies stream and course with the emotion of the vocals.

Powered by the empathy and bottomless kindness in the vocals, the lyrics comfort a dear friend with all the tender love in the world and attempt to revive her. Serenading violins sweep into the song and slow-dance to the raw vocals as they add their mystical flavor to the track.

At the bridge, the tempo picks up. Bolder vocals, tempered violins, and guitar melodies infuse the track with an inspiring force. A beautiful message for anyone going through a rough patch, the song is incredibly touching and moves us with its warm embrace of kindness, empathy, and comfort.

Listen to Letter to My Friend by Karen Harding here-