Kid Lazuras is a Bristol based indie rock and alt pop artist with a voice that beckons mystique and vision that wonderfully manifests it. The artist’s tracks are variations of dark pop, funk rock, and electronica. Using this flexible playground, the emotional concepts and sentiments that are invented are elating. In the track, All Over Again, Kid Lazuras brings out nocturnal pop elements, infusing them with edgy bass grooves and flashy synth peaks. This release marks their third single, leading up to their debut album, Utopia, that is all set to release on August 15 of this year (2023). Listen Now! 

The track has a remarkable diversity, with evasive fixtures of funk rock and retro profiles attaching themselves to emphatic pop and soul elements. The melancholy of the effervescent vocals is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, as they disrupt the strident power of the groovy riffs and drums. As it progresses, blues piano loop into escalating shards of riffs to revolutionize the rhythm and form a grand climactic plane. 

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