South Florida-based band, KillBillies are back again with a fascinating collection of folk-country-rock tracks with their new album Back To Basics, peaking with Mountain Sophistication. With James Galiano on the Banjo, Ben Childs on the guitar and Sax, and Hector Diaz on the bass, the band serves up an excellent list.

The band debuted in 2013 with a self-titled album with eight songs. Since then the band released the Transplant Life (2014) album and a single, Promised Dream which features in their latest album. The band’s unique fervor is characterized by the fusion of folk, country, and bluegrass with rock. This eclectic collection of songs is a vibrant musical exposé of blue folk anthems that lighten up your day.

Mountain Sophistication has a luscious floor of country acoustics that is bejeweled by tranquil banjo strings. The warm vocals clarify the glinting banjo details and carry it to mountainous serenity. It is almost as if the rich weaves of banjo melodies trace the contours of the mind with its alluring blends. With the immersive nostalgia of a sunset sky, the song rolls into us and leaves behind a soothing imprint. The balance of the country-folk-rock styles is delightful in their delicate arrangement. Drawing from and bleeding into each other, the variant styles make for a dreamy coalition.

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