Erupting with magnificent energy, the KOTC Clan revolutionizes the groove lifestyle. This high-pop group consists of rappers and singers under the banners, KOTC Drew, KOTC Vibe, KOTC Gamal, and KOTC music band. They specialize in the creation of potent soundscapes that trigger sensational internet revolutions. This became instantly evident with their release, Let Me See You Twerk Viral on the Tok amassing over 100,000 streams within a few days of its release, putting KOTC Clan on the map.

The track is an uptempo anthem, overflowing with zeal and fun. With thumping basslines, addictive verses, flying beats, and quick, repetitive hooks, the song is a full-blown power-pop that burns hot like a dying star. It largely appeals to movement as a way to liberate the senses. Reminiscent of Jason Derulo, the artists are able to fixate on a theme and make a whole world out of it.

The artists shorten the journey to euphoria with this song. Almost instantly, the mindless fun begins and grows to fill the entire room. So, if you’re in the mood to vibe to pure and unadulterated energy, this song is for you.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

You can listen to Let Me See You Twerk Viral on the Tok by KOTC Clan here –