Kurst is a Canadian based hip hop artist who illustrates his mood and his thoughts through his music. Known for his themed storytelling flows, he thrives in this niche, addressing issues like mental health, childhood, addiction, shootings, parenting, love, heartache, relationships, friendships, and family. Working on an EP, titled Movie Night, Kurst demonstrates his witty lyricism by referencing over 70 movies in three clever songs titled Slasher, The Oracle, and Action.

With ominous melodies and prophetic harmonies, the artist skilfully sets the stage for the theme. The flow is tight and hard-hitting, slicing through the soundscape. It’s smooth and uninterrupted by a ribbon as it rolls with a natural grace. In the chorus, the intensity is softened with breezy pop rap, an added layer that breaks up the monotony.

The artist’s work is largely autobiographical. His astounding poetic talent instantly impresses upon the mind, evoking thought, imparting wisdom, and expanding perspectives. He’s an OG performer, with his first track, No Remorse released in 1989! After a long hiatus, he reintroduced us to the cavities of his mind with his track Slasher. Since then, he has released six tracks including The Oracle. You can follow his work and journey more closely on Instagram : @kurstmusic.

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to the track, The Oracle by Kurst here –