r.i.p. is an uplifting folk single released early this year by Land of the Living. The artist prides himself of creating emotional folk songs to cheer up and enliven souls. With raspy vocals and a comforting rhythm, he tries to make sense of complexities of life. 

The song is simple enough with broad acoustic guitar strokes accompanied by husky vocals that is endearing and searing in its relatability. The chorus is additionally lined with a delicate guitar detail that adds a refreshing new layer to the song. When we get to the second chorus, it can be seen that the artist further builds on the song and compounds on the existing layers by including an enveloping softer rhythm and echoing voices in the background. The vocals ooze warmth and light and lends a sweet kindness to the song.

The bridge is composed of a whimsical melody that instantaneously lifts the tempo of the song and makes it lighter-hearted. Its followed by an energy infused beat pattern and fun vocals that gets you in a kinetic state of mind – pumps movement into your shoulders and forces the bobbing of head. 

With 3 singles released over the course of this year, including the latest release, ‘how will i know’, Land of the Living is easy to love and great to listen to. Despite the title, the song is jollification exemplified and is a fun hear. 

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music and Jio Saavn

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