Amsterdam-based indie-pop, rock, and dance artist, Lemon has a new single, Before We Fade To Grey. Delightful fumes of indie funk and euphoric melodies infuse mesmerizing psychedelia that is reminiscent of Talking Heads and The Kooks.

Resounding and immersive upbeat guitar melodies open the track. An energetic beat tempo lines the song and pumps it with incredible liveliness and vigor. Fuzzy basslines and warm baritone vocals populate the song with inviting textures. With octaves of harmonies layering the song, we find ourselves lost in the overwhelming goodness. The track conveys a sweet fondness and is thoroughly endearing.

The feel-good track advocates that we do it all before time claims us as its own and reduces us to nothing. The artist sings “Before we fade to grey, let’s go all the way and laugh our days away!” The soundscape is electrifying and brims with inspiration and an immutable persuasion for its cause. Gleaming with light and love, the track steams with zest and zeal that gives us a strong boost.

So, if you’re having a bad day or unable to get out of bed, Before We Fade To Grey by Lemon will infuse you with an undeniable purpose and perspective that might be just what you need. With its reassuring tone, affirming lyrics, and vibrant beats, the track is a total cheerleader!

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