Lil Jay is a musician and rapper based in Jacksonville, Florida. He has been releasing music since 2021, consistently building up an extensive discography. His 2023 single “Tell me the Truth” is an upbeat rap track featuring fellow rapper Surf.

“Tell me the truth” has an eery ambience right from the start which is added on to by the pendulum-like strumming of the strings. The echo used on the vocals heavily enhance this haunted effect. The synths have a twinge tone and are used fruitfully to add an ethereal ambience. The 808s on the track are memorable and the production is bass-heavy. Lyrically the track explores themes of deceit and lying. It feels like a person asking another for the truth in the face of vulnerability.

The ad-libs were some of the most interesting elements to pay attention to and I thought that Surf flowed well on his verse! “Tell me the Truth” by Lil Jay is catchy and upbeat!