Little Sheba and The Shamans are a blues, R&B, and soul outfit. Inspired by the gleaming soul pallets of the revolutionary 60s, their work is a plenary of retro rock, nimble semitones, beautiful arches of melisma and flattened blues. The band has just released their debut album, “Spinning Their Idols” after their introductory three track, self-titled single that they released early last year (2022). This collection of fifteen tracks make for an engaging combination of blues rock, rock n roll, country, and vintage pop-rock with glamorous percussive fixtures and even swing rhythms. Listeners of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holiday, and Chuck Berry are sure to enjoy the bright society of this outfit’s melody.

Taken from this collection is Wondrous Place; a remarkable outlier both in energy and vibe. Its mellow tones and gloomy atmosphere carry Little Sheba’s honey vocals with incredible romance and delicate grace. The muted fuzz of glassy grooves make up a flexible rhythm that follows the magnetic lead of the smooth vocal river. Notes of sensuality, true love, and passion travel through its amiable waters to form the ideal R&B track.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to “Wondrous Place” from the “Spinning Their Idols” Album by Little Sheba and The Shamans here –