Lleow is an electrifying musician and powerful performer. Her tracks, influenced by 90s alternative and 80s punk with electropop elements carve out a new age design that she calls Reboot Rock. It is born out of passion, love, hope and dreams. Full of youth and dynamism, it sweeps you away into its lofty ideals and incredible visuals. Lleow’s latest release is ‘Sacrifice’, a track that blazes with atmospheric riffs, anthemic beats, sizzling basslines, and power pop influences that is reminiscent of a blend between Alice Cooper, Avril Levigne, Regina Spektor, REM, and Pixies. The artist does an incredible job capturing the ambivalent, nebulous, and fluid themes that is often associated with alternative. Listen Now!

Lleow aesthetics manifest in textural, chromatic, linguistic, and visual play. The soundscape has a ready-made retro appeal, which remarkably progresses across the board. Lleow’s vocals have a dream pop dimension. As it lifts into the alt rock sphere, it gathers the grandeur of the riff design, the rush of the brimming beats, and the bloom of the distortions. This trance-inducing composition proves to be an amazing medium to experience the theme of self-love that the artist explores.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Sacrifice’ by Lleow here –