Love Ghost is a music project that experiments with multiple genres like Emo, metal, hyperpop, grunge and rock. They have been releasing singles since 2016 and have built up an extensive discography so far. The artist often speaks about mental health on his singles and his latest release “God Damn” takes forward this lyrical theme.

The track starts off with individual fingerpicking string work that is beautiful. The tone used has a twang to it that adds a soothing effect. The percussion is extremely energetic and bass heavy and even uses claps as percussion. The track has plenty of sound effects and background vocals that create ambience, with the whistle notes at the end adding to this environment. The sonic palette has smooth ethereal strings combined with heavily grounding drumming.

The vocal performance by Love Ghost has a roughness to it that suits the motif of the track. His voice is heavily altered with autotune and he seems to be intentionally reaching for pitches outside of his comfort zone. ND Kobi on other hand stands in juxtaposition with his smooth and deep voice switching flow seamlessly.

Lyrically Love Ghost explores the feeling of being trapped inside one’s own head but finding the thrill in it on “God Damn”. The fact that there is no escape is exciting while the feelings of numbness, self-defeat and self-hatred are delved into.  He also addresses the external responses to this mental space and how it can be difficult to believe people when they say you are okay.

I enjoyed how the “God Damn” by Love Ghost is an emo track that ends with the acceptance of this living condition.