We all know that Luke Frees is a master of cinematic pop/ R&B/ Soul. In his new double single, Moonshine Queen, Frees absorbs the theatrics of art rock to create an atmosphere of dark melancholia. The Chicago-based singer-songwriter, producer, and performer crafts an imaginative new-wave rock canvas that is redolent of David Bowie and Led Zeppelin. Luke Frees beautifully complements Moonshine Queen (a-side) with Red Right Hand on the b-side. They form two sides of the same coin. 

In Moonshine Queen, we get a dynamic soundscape with active drums and gleaming tendrils of melody. The deep baritones glint with clairvoyance, taking on a cracked glass texture. This adds a delightful perspective, both emotionally and symphonically, to the track. It has a powerful presence and force defines the emotional destiny of the soundscape. The bloody soundscape is dense with tragedy and heartache. Like an unstoppable forest fire, it rages and growls through the pain. 

This same visceral experience is carried on to Red Right Hand. Only this track has a more sustained rhythm. It simmers with the heat of the vocals, haunted by ghostly echoes and tolling melodies. The b-side is more contemplative perhaps signifying the return of consciousness after a blind rampage. And resigning to the terror of fate, its song flows with ruminative rhythm and illuminative lyricism. 

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