Michael Peloso is a songwriter who is informed by the matchless majesty of life and the world around us. Stringing melodies that run through his mind, he crafts an acoustic-classic orchestra that stays with the listener. The artist perceives music as a medium of discovery, delving into themes and experiences to understand the essence of it all. Michael Peloso collaborates yet again with multi-instrumentalist and producer Matthew Shell and singer, Marisa Frantz on this new single, That Will Be Me. 

The track portrays the power of companionship. Weaved in with naturalistic imagery, tender sentiment, and soft melodies, it blooms like a golden flower in the winter. Marisa’s sweet vocals are a waltzing beauty that is soothed by fine piano melodies and molten violin tails. Her ability to convey devotion and consolation with just a few vocal strokes is truly astounding. Adding to her sophisticated magnificence is the slow lifts of melody that drive the listener to a levity. Ascending and dissolving into the compounding harmony of the song, its briefest touch is enough to encapsulate the emotional destiny of the song. 

Written by Peloso and mixed and mastered by Erik Fredriksen, the track was performed by Marisa Frantz: vocals, Michael Peloso: piano, Yoed Nir: cello, Hector Ruano: bass, and Sami Turunen: guitar.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to That Will Be Me by Michael Peloso here –