Mick J Clark cares about the world! It is evident in the plenary of conscious-awakening songs that he has released. Using his vintage style, light-hearted lyricism, and feel-good melodies, the artist’s work makes an instant mark on his listeners. In this track, We Know It’s True, Mick J Clark creates an enlightening canvas to illuminate the heavenly majesty of nature and beseeches us to preserve and conserve it.

The tone of the track is heart-warming. Redolent of Abba, its retro-pop melody is a strong emotional quotient that beautifully complements the message. Slights of acoustic piano and guitar melodies harmonize with keyboard synths to evoke a sense of wakefulness. Through the course of the track, the artist touches on themes like universal harmony, unity, and equilibrium. All swathed in a blanket of resigned melancholy and accents of hope.

The song is taken from the artist’s four-disc album (Is This The Best Song Catalogue Ever?) of sixty-three tracks, released in 2012. Showcasing a multitude of genres ranging from pop, soul, R&B ballads, and country rock, the album is an exhibition of the brimming passion of the artist; for music and for the world.

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