Mill$ is a rapper and Emcee who primarily works within the sub-genre of rap, cloud rap. Cloud rap has several characteristics of trap music and has a relaxed music production style that is hazy and dream-like. MILL$ hails from the small town of Woodbridge in England and his debut single “THC in JJ’s” introduces his style!

“THC in JJ’s” has a production style that feels hand-made. This amateur touch is charming, enjoyable and most audible in the back-up vocals. The clinking of coins and the phone call skit at the start of the track display the artist’s attention to detail. The ad-libs feel like a reaction to MILL$’ rapping and add energy to the sonic atmosphere.

The beat on the track acts as its backbone and the mixing on the track is done such that it doesn’t allow the vocals to overpower the instrumentation which makes the single to hold on to its cloud rap roots. I particularly enjoyed the rap flow that MILL$ taps into toward the last minute of the track. It features him in his element with an eccentric accent.

The songwriting on the track is fairly straightforward as it is meant to be a party song. THC as mentioned in the title features multiple times. The main motif is a Friday night at JJ’s where MILL$ is doing THC.  Lines like “Stoner but still focused”, “Stoner not a sinner” are clever writing to correct the bad rep that marijuana might get.

Make sure to check out the very fun track, “THC in JJ’s” by MILL$ here: