MY FRIEND THE SUN is a collaboration between Norwegian musicians Ole Tom Torjussen and Eivind S. Johansen. Devoted to discovering the infinity of the human soul, the duo craft music that nurtures the essence of the self. They explore a range of genres from progressive rock to acoustic and traditional music. The duo has just released a self-titled EP, Part 1. It is a collection of four songs, each one presented from a perspective that makes the listener realize the grandeur of life whilst forging a simplistic path to happiness. Ole Tom plays keyboards, synths, bass guitar, drums and percussion. Eivind does the vocals, plays acoustic guitars, oud and the occasional keyboard. 

The EP opens with the track, “The Orchestra of Life”. Eivind’s husky baritones are matched with smooth tendrils of keys and synth details. Wandering guitar acoustics lace the mystique of the Ole Tom’s landscape, reconciling it to the simple threads of vocals. Using refreshing musical metaphors, the song sets forth the reality of living in this world. Rock melodies and percussive design are seamlessly incorporated into the synthetic tapestry, the organic and inorganic sound jointly carving out a beautiful space that extends into the climax. 

“There is Only One Song” follows with a marked classical affluence. The Oud melodies present a soft luminescence that glows under the patronage of nostalgic vocals. “The Obstacles Are The Path” is up next. A mixed bag of acoustic melodies, synth effects, and soft rock percussion, the track illuminates the life that is hidden in the crevices of pain, sadness, and heartbreak. The grace and gentleness in Eivind’s voice makes for the perfect carrier of the song’s message. 

Concluding the EP is the track, “World of Wonders”. Resonant of its title, the song is built in a way that conceptualizes the theme. With melancholic flutes, gloomy melodies, and romantic pallets, the artists highlight the magnanimity of randomness and possibility. Picking up a stray Latin rhythm, the artists populate it with accordions, slights of postmodern effects, and molten rock guitars. With each sonic cycle, a new layer, a unique harmony, or a fresh texture is joined to create an enjoyable simultaneity. 

The album is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to the debut self-titled EP of My Friend The Sun here –