My Satellite is a Psychedelic Indie Rock music project based in Los Angeles consisting of members Bryan Stage, Andy Marshall, Sammi Doll, Justin Paul and Ryan Ward. Formed in 2009, they have been releasing EPs, albums and singles that make for an extensive discography. Their latest single “Denial” is eloquently produced!

The track starts off with really rhythmic percussion. As with any psych rock song the synth is a dominant element. Both the beats and synth keep it short and staccato while the electric guitar, which ended up being one of my favourite pieces of instrumentation, is allowed to flow more freely. The strings in the background during the second verse along with the layered vocal harmonies add texture to the track! The psychedelia derives itself from the horns while the percussion acts as a great supporting instrument during the bridge.

The vocal performance is breezy and light. The lead vocalist adds a sultry effect to his performance which sits very well on the track. I enjoyed the versatility and uniqueness he displays during the high-pitched airy sections. My Satellite knows how to play with differing intensities cleverly. They know when to pause and juxtapose intense sections with lighter sections, giving the listener variety.

Lyrically the track explores regrets of the past night that can be fixed. The line “I hate that side of me” could be a reference to the tendency to overthink. I thought that the single explores cheekily giving all of oneself but that never feeling like it is enough. The track has very colourful production just like its cover art. Make sure to check out “Denial” by My Satellite here: