Nfumé beguiles the listener with his lofty sonic consciousness. His soundscapes slowly form, at the pace of life, imprinted with magical mundanity. The artist has just released his second EP in two years titled ‘cnxn’; a four-track collection that explores the soft slopes of loving and losing. This article delves into the velvet well of the second track, ‘fallin’ in which Nfumé’ quiet grandeur hides in plain sight. With nimble R&B vocals and mild electro effects, he dresses the mind with radiating ambience. We also see other neo-soul styles, like hip-hop beat rhythms manifesting alongside plush blues, soft jazz, and evasive funk. Listeners of SZA, Drake, Frank Ocean, and Kehlani are sure to enjoy the work of this artist.

The track, like the rest of the EP, creates a parallel emotional universe that is drenched in the allure of romanticism. Paired with futuristic mystique, the track is intentionally designed to expand cerebral quotients. Opening with sparkling acoustics, the artist develops it with electric chromatism and ricocheting textures. The loose vocal flow highlights the high melodic fluidity, as it carries the sultry mood all the way to the climax. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to fallin from the ‘cnxn’ album by Nfumé here –