Nick Noon is a musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, Tennessee. He seamlessly traverses various genres and is often inspired by personal life-experience. He has written many songs and has been releasing music since 2021 with his latest release being “Who Needs Who”.

“Who Needs Who” starts off with really twangy electric strings along with bright pearly percussion. The strings are cheery and the strumming is rhythmic throughout the track. The effects added on to the vocals by Nick Noon are echoed out and the track is mixed such that the voice blends in with the other instrumentation without being the only prominent element. The guitar is layered interestingly and the final solo has a grand and majestic aura to it. The track ends with simple string work, giving us plenty of time to wind down.

I liked the way the track infused genres and played with elements from different sonic landscapes. The verses on the track sound straight out of a country song, especially so in the way the pre-chorus is written.  The chorus gives more rock-filled energy and the reason for the difference between the two sections is largely the tones of the strings.

The song sticks to conventional song structure and simple lyric writing. There is an element of pettiness mixed with lightness in the way the song talks about another person. It is a delicate diss that builds up to the subversion of the title “Who Needs Who” to “Who Needs You”. In the context of the lyrics, the instrumentation feels like an outlet for rage.

“Who Needs Who” by Nick Noon is a short, fun rock track infused with country inflections!