Olivia Jane is a jazz-blues artist and singer-songwriter. Her soundscapes are chill, populated by mellow wisps of melody, they set a magnificent scene. And paired with her decorative vocals, her releases make for fantastic exhibitions of funk, alt-soul, R&B, and blues. In her new single, Reaching, Olivia Jane collaborates with Zephyr Avalon and features acclaimed artists like Ruslan Sirota, Erick Walls, Efajemue, and Balam Garcia.

Listeners of Tom Misch, FKJ, Alfa Mist, and Jordan Rakei are sure to enjoy Jane’s neo-jazz and soul expeditions. The acoustics on this song is tremendous. Its vintage textures and instrumentation gel beautifully with bursting vocals. They dally delicately in the background, crafting sweet piano, guitar, and saxophone symphonies that perfectly hook into Jane’s flow. With twinkling grace, the tenor sparkles slow dance gloomy altos through the smoky ballroom. 

Jane brings power to the song. Her overflowing passion unfurls like spring, carrying the blossoming charm of the melodies. Olivia’s vocal range gives the song a dynamism that is flavored by both contemporary soul and vintage blues; Its silky smooth fabric glides gracefully across the scale. 

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You can listen to Reaching by Olivia Jane in collaboration with Zephyr Avalon here –