Formed in 1995, populuxe is a vintage pop-rock outfit from Brooklyn, New York. Their delightful compositional style and virtuosic skill are cataloged in the five full-length albums and the mini-opera EP that they have released up until now! With divergent tendencies, the band conducts unique sound experiments with each release, a stand-alone and novel innovation. And now the group is back with their new album, Uneasy Learning where they cover the contours of life with interesting narratives about pain and growth. Learning The Alphabet is the track that opens this album by populuxe.

With an emo-pop intro, the track is like a flowing river, ever-changing. The soft melody and mellow vocals at the start are absorbed by the rich-textured garage rock frame at the pre-chorus before blossoming into the second verse. An astounding nostalgia comes through in the way the rhythm and lead guitars are used. The track has a transitive compositional style as it tells a relatable story about discovering, changing, and becoming.

With a runtime of a little over six minutes, the track is an elaborate portrait of changing times. It perfectly sets the tone for the upcoming tracks of this ten-song album. So stick around and listen to the brilliance that is populuxe.

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