Project 1268 always brings a new emotional experience to the table. Comprising saxophonist, Craig, and vocalist, Haley, the alt-rock duo and transcendental artists have a penchant for musical experimentation. In their new release, Do Ya Wanna, Project 1268 carves out a feel-good emo-pop space that knits vintage classic rock with simple jazz blues. Listeners of Joni Mitchell, The Beach Boys, Abba, Elvis Presley, and Elton John are sure to enjoy this track.

This track takes us straight to the vibrant music scene of the 80s. Brimming with warmth and comfort, the mellifluent vocals make a terrific combination with the glistening guitar riffs and swells of the saxophone melodies. The sound canvas is rich, soaked in instrumentation that is tuned to a mellow swing rhythm. Its halo of energy and dulcet tone makes for a happy and delightful companion.

The duo is famous for refreshing genres like soul-pop, folk, classic rock, and jazz by discovering new dialects of expression. With a keen sense of style and definite artistic vision, their compositions are often a tremendous hit! Their simplistic and classic musical orientations work very well with a nostalgic audience who enjoy slice-of-life compositions and conversational lyricism.

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