Proklaim is a solo music project by British-born, Namibia based rapper Birungi Alexander Kiremire. The artist’s muted social media presence stands in juxtaposition with the consistency with which he has been dropping singles since 2018. His love for music and work ethic is evident in his latest single “Price of Love aka 4 the game”.

The title of the track “Price of Love aka 4 the game” is interesting and creative in my opinion. The single starts off by paying homage to Tupac while hyping Proklaim up; serving at once as a diss track that also manages to self-affirm. The upbeat percussion, light keys and sound effects that create ambience form the sonic foundations of the single.

The vocal layering on Proklaim’s voice as well as the Ad-libs he brings to the track are his signature sonic moves. The chorus is catchy with his rap flow being exceptionally fast paced in the bridge section. The track keeps it instrumentally simple and environmentally chill.

Lyrically Proklaim emphasises patience through the device of repetition. The sections that hype him up explore the ways in which what Proklaim brings to the table is refreshing, essentially saying that nobody plays the rap game the way he does. The parts that feel like a diss track dunk on other rappers which is common lyrical theme in Hip-hop music. I was personally not the biggest fan of the line “Is she a rapper or a stripper” as it felt like it was opposed to sexually liberated female rap. The third verse explores themes of guidance.

We hear Proklaim tap into his hip-hop spirit as opposed to his afro-beat infused music on “Price of Love aka 4 the game”. You can check out the track here: