R.U.R is an experimental and consciousness-driven electronic outfit. The five-member band uses fascinating blends ranging from disco to unique rhythm languages to craft a sensational listening experience. R.U.R had just released their debut album, Vinner Aldrig. The six song album unveils a whole new world with a runtime of just a little over twenty four minutes. Taken from this album is Something Else, a classic representation of the R.U.R sound. 

Something Else is a melodic portrayal of the invisible world that lives all around us. It taps into the potential of humans to gainfully engage with the magic of this world. Incredibly mystical, listening to it will have the listener seek out the unknown. Multiple musical pattern imprints decorate the soundscape as they sail through. A concentric melody loop plays in the backdrop, accentuated by a chill beat motif and an oozing bass line. The occasional the trumpet melody blossoms like a fresh flower. And the smooth silk of the vocals sweep through like an all knowing breeze, with a deep narrative rhythm that percolates through. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music!

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