Red Bird is an alternative rock and blues band with a penchant for melancholy. Their unique arrangements are skewed towards dark mystique; strange yet familiar, new yet old. Taken from their new nine-track album, Live It All, There With You by Red Bird has surmounting blues and an emphatic vintage appeal. 

Red Bird’s blues induces us into a strange sense of feeling. It’s sensitive and incredibly artsy, reverberant in its peculiarity. Bringing back the vintage blues with deep accents of R&B and funky rock rhythm and grooves, the band’s sound is redolent of Amy Winehouse, Bonnie Raitt, and Joss Stone. 

There With You cascades into the soul on the wings of Gregg’s moody vocals and harmonies. While the slow-hitting cymbals and free-style guitar melodies beautifully portray the retro romance and tragedy of blues. 

With Bre Gregg on the vocals, Dan Gildea on the guitar, Jeff Langston on the bass, and Charlie Doggett on drums, Red Bird debuted in 2018 with their album, All My Love. The band released the songs to their sophomore album, Live It All, one by one in 2022 leading up to its release in 2023. 

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