Renée Ruth is a singer-songwriter and ethereal storyteller. Known for her resonant and heartfelt compositions, she fathoms lofty human emotions and experiences in her latest release, the ‘Renée Ruth EP.’ Across four tracks, she stipulates and strengthens the depth of human will and resilience. In an unraveling neo-classical sonic sphere, her vocals transcend with hope and grace. Listeners of Adele and Sam Smith are sure to enjoy the immersive sound of this artist.

Renee Ruth Music

Taken from this EP is the track ‘Here to Stay’ in which Renée Ruth explores the depth of her love. It is a swaying love song that blends elements of classical acoustics with soul pop, pooling them into an orchestral synth structure. It has profound connotations, underpinned and interwoven with the idea of unconditionality, devotion, surrender, and life itself. It is beautiful how the artist elevates the feeling of love to astounding heights. Using well-placed beat infusions and synth flourishes, she encapsulates infinity within a song. Listen Now!

The EP features the artist’s debut single, ‘We Are One’ released in 2020 along with other pre-released tracks. Together, they announce the style and values that the artist wants to pursue.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Here to Stay’ by Renée Ruth here –