Return Trip is a brilliant compositional project that was conceived, formed, and executed by Martin Jeremy Richardson. The artist, enamored with the affecting structures of traditional Spanish music, dedicates this banner to exploring his love and fantasies of it. Drawing from its essence, style, and ethos, he reimagines it with his own contemporary and modern ideas. All this manifested as an exercise in grand musicality, one that is full of poignant explorations, deep expression, and sophisticated design.

Return Trip’s latest release is ‘Under A Sheltering Sky’, a track that pulls us into a boundless pulse of song. Orchestrated with quivering violin lines, ruminative piano keys, oozing accordions, and other instrumental layers, it is like a landscape painting that reveals itself level by level. Each time you listen to it, you are granted a new version of reality, a fresh perspective, a breath-catching depth. Listen Now!

Martin’s artistic genius lies in how much he’s able to convey with just instrumentals. Each feature is like a character in a play. It has a definite role, a character and personality that evolves with progressive interaction with other features. Formed in 2018, the artist has put out ten tracks and three albums.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Under A Sheltering Sky’ by Return Trip here –