Ruby Nixxons is a Scottish Rock Trio that has been releasing its own music since 2022. The band is made up of Dan who provides lead vocals, Steve who plays the Bass and Gordon who plays the guitar. Their 4th single “Midnight candy” keeps things erratic and vibrant.

“Midnight Candy” starts off with a grand electric guitar performance and percussion that feels like a count-down. The atmosphere is that of the start of a race. The percussion slowly builds up to a faster pace and continues to be the element that holds the energy of the track throughout. The electric guitar keeps it upbeat, yet light hearted and bright, using the same chord progression consistently. The vocal performance by Dan is strong and powerful. The chorus wavers in its rhythm, which feels like an intentional and creative artistic choice.

The track ends with an elaborate guitar solo that is well done, especially so in the parts that are faster in terms of rhythm. The tone taken on is completely different from the established sonic palette and reminds one of 80s disco.

Lyrically the track speaks of a woman named “Midnight candy” and the lead singer’s love for her. One can call this description of a lover informed by male fantasy, which is quite common and prominent in the Rock landscape. He goes on to describe her various quirks and carefree attitude.  Midnight Candy’s behaviours and the things she like to have and do are described in detail.

If you are looking to add Scottish Rock to your global rock playlist, keep your eyes on Ruby Nixxons!