Sambox is a music producer and composer with an innate affinity for sonic conceptualization. The artist has a way of articulation and dimensionalizing melody to portray a range of themes in ways we’ve never thought of before. And therein lies his mastery. Be it “Deep Feelings”, or “Arabic Springs”, “Fashion Jazz”, or “Hanami”, his compositions are vastly varied and diverse. For his latest double single, titled, Insouciance, Sambox collaborates with Anita Barbereau and Samuel Pineau to deliver pensive and lilting neo-classical flows. The two tracks, Réminiscence and Evidence are predominantly piano pieces dripping with soft melancholia. 

Réminiscence is crafted with an insouciant piano verse, the tragedy of which is dilated by mournful cello flushes. The rounded sound of the bass melodies dance with the sharp peaks of the keys. This pattern carries into the next track, Evidence. While the former is more horizontal and free in its flow, the latter plays out with tighter arrangements. The glassy piano melody contains a gloominess that is reflected in the vulnerable tone of the cello. One can perceive it as a balance of tone and texture, but it plays out like alter egos whose nimble melodies stretch across the spectrum to reveal the other’s essence. 

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