Savoy Ellis is a soul/R&B artist with a patronage for the blues. His sound has a little bit of everything, from glorious soul vocals to mellow funk and smooth jazz. The original version of the song belongs to The Love Album, a collection, as the name suggests, of dreamy love songs. The LP features the delightful talent of artists like Blaze Johnson Jr., Anna Moore, BRELAND, Kafeeno, Remy Williams, among others. With this track, Savoy Ellis presents the sped up version of his acclaimed singles, Don’t Break My Heart / The One. 

The track strings up the spilling melodies of the original version with uptempo beats. Using choral harmonies, the artist fleshes out the neo-soul elements, illuminating the treasures of funk hooks and low-key jazz lines. And the undulating waves of soprano vocals wash over us like dream tides, a contrast to the slow lul of the baritones in the original version. The track is wrapped in surreal folds of soul sonics and emotion. Listeners of SZA are bound to enjoy the bounty of neo-soul in it. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to the track, Don’t Break My Heart / The One (Sped Up) by Savoy Ellis here –