Sean Caramore is a singer-songwriter based in Long Island, New York. He primarily works with Country Music proving that the genre isn’t restricted to the South of America and self-admittedly takes inspiration from the great female artists of Country. He has a short and sweet discography with his debut EP releasing in 2020.  His latest single “Water Rises” is an exploration and reflection on one’s past. The song also features a brand new video you can watch right here!

“Water Rises” builds up instrumentally as the track progresses with the first verse being dominated largely by the acoustic guitar. The sound effects used feel like the birth of a new morning and the electric guitar adds emphasis at all the right moments. The percussion is kept simple, deciding to get heavy only when necessary. The second verse is heavier in terms of instrumentation with the electric guitar taking its liberty to try on new riffs.

The vocal performance by Sean Caramore is captivating and heartfelt with the twang in his vocal inflections paying homage to Country music. The bridge is instrumentally grand with the backup vocals coming together to create a climatic effect. The last minute of the track is rhythmic, anthemic and almost chant-like, giving us plenty of time to wind down.

A Bridge symbolises the connection between two places and evokes the feeling of transition. Lyrically Sean Caramore uses the metaphor of the bridge to reflect on the unaddressed past filled with regrets, moment, memories, stories and secrets. The physicality of the landscape including its people is described in vivid detail. The line ““We Keep reliving all that we can’t change” stayed with me.

While it is impossible to run from the past, the attempt at reconciliation is blurred by the “Rising water” which could be a metaphor for overwhelming emotion that doesn’t let one look at the past clearly. I thought that “Water Rising” by Sean Caramore is a heart-warming reflection on the places one leaves behind.