Led by producer and guitarist, Adam Hailstone, Sequel Films is a solo music project that brings forward dreamy instrumentations that are profound and reflective. Formerly known as Pink Films, Hailstone uncovers the wonderful coalescence of synth waves and surf-rock. Iridescent by Sequel Films floods our psyche cavity with transformative illusions and psychedelic images.

With luscious synths erecting soothing monuments of melodies and the basslines carving intricate patterns into them, we find ourselves in a brand new world. The smoky vocals hypnotically dilate the soundscape opening the window to sunset skies and fuchsia suns. And the soft glassy harmonies cast glistening reflections all over the color pop scape. As the song flows into the bridge, we see a pronounced use of guitar textures to form a distilled rock riff synapse before they soften into smaller synth flowers at the outro.

Hailing from Winchester, the artist claims Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd as his main influences, alongside his musically driven father. Shy and reserved by nature, Adam uses his music to explore and articulate feelings of social isolation and anxiety. And, his wave of lofi funk provides a canvas that we can all proudly relate to.

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