Andrew Like, known by his pseudonym Ski Babi is a DJ who has been releasing music for almost a year now. In this short span of time, he has built up a solid discography with his ninth single being “Sweetheart”, an entertaining electronic track. He has a peculiar sense of humour with his description just saying “Please say the baby” and his Instagram bio being “Unfollow me so I know it’s real”. He is multi-faceted; in that he is also a visual artist who has created the art work for this single.

“Sweetheart” starts off with a catchy key progression on loop and the tone chosen for this is interesting and captivating. Much of the track builds on top of this catchy base. Dry percussion and the occasional use of sound effects layers this to lead to beats that eventually become heavier. The ad-libs on the single are as electronic as a human voice can get.

I personally really enjoyed the synth that comes in one and a half minutes into the track as it has a tone that is all-consuming and fills up space. The last third of the song introduces wind-chimes as an instrument and plays around with it.

The assumption with an electronic track is that having more elements complicates things to keep an audience engaged in the absence of lyrics or vocals. However, I enjoyed the fact that the track doesn’t get too sonically complex. The chosen sonic palette is unique and the Ski babi has brought his own creativity to it. “Sweetheart” keeps it simple and entertaining!