Sky Canyon is a composer, producer and artist/performer with roots that span jazz, rock, classical, latin, new age, Afro-Caribbean and more. And using this diverse pallet he crafts contemporary jazz ballads that transport us to the blues era. Having been active since the 80s, the artist works through melody like a dream. And this is evident in his latest single, Bop That Rhythm, in which Sky Canyon complements his vibraphone play with pianist, Eric Gunnison, bassist, Ron Bland and drummer, Mike Marlier. 

The track is as airy and adventurous as one would expect from a jazz composition. The glassy sounds of the vibraphone takes the spotlight first, its ascending rhythm taking the form of a jolly ride. This genial presentation is followed by a jazz piano frame. Its rippling sound flows through the banks of metallic cymbals. The fingerwork is beyond impressive, laxing and racing with mercurial tempos. 

There’s a sense of animation to the composition, with its rhythm and tone propelled to performative zeals. Eric Gunnison’s bass comes on next. The intricate framework is supported by emphatic drum beats. And all in all, listening to the track is such a feel-good experience, especially because the listener witnesses the joy of the artists and their love for the art, as they jam and riff with each other. The interactive session is seemingly a musical conversation that we can all enjoy. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Bop That Rhythm by Sky Canyon featuring Eric Gunnison, Mike Marlier, and Ron Bland here –