Static Null is a conceptual music artist. His ability to portray the life beneath the surface is truly remarkable. Listening to his music exposes the listener to the invisible forces and inarticulate emotional currents that surge through this world. In his latest single, Void, Static Null connects the duality of creation and loss. He defines void by feeding dark and cold pallets into a reviving ambience. The delicate balance of warm analogs and frigid digital sounds blossom into a trancelike dance. And indulging into it will illuminate the richness confined with a void. 

This track was created in the aftermath of a creative defeat. It is made with the emotions that stayed with Null after, strung together into an industrial ambient music. The melodies are delicate yet verbose, gossamer yet vibrant. Sparkling and fluttering across a dark backdrop, the sonics grow and develop into a new thing, a new feeling, a new emotion. A meaningful emptiness. 

Static Null’s style is largely experimental and intuitive. His art revolves around the unseen minutiae. His tracks, Mercury, Replica, and even Token reinforce his style. The artist is currently working on his upcoming EP, letting the experience guide him. Make sure to look out for it! 

The track is available for streaming on popular websites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Void by Static Null here –