Steve Hall and Chris Lord are composers, producers, and artists. Their musical moniker Steve N Chris is a balancing act between Steve’s affinity for R&B and Chris’s powerful rap personality. With an ever-evolving style, the duo adorn revolutionary outfits, addressing the ills of the society. In their single, Traffik N Sex, they address the issue of sex and human trafficking. In their release, GOD DID (Remix), Steve N Chris flesh out the perils of drug use and abuse. It opens their brand new collective, Steve N’ Chris Remix Kingz, Vol. 1.

The amalgamation of soul styles is always a rewarding venture. Steve N Chris’s sound, in addition to being rewarding, is impactful. Their musical detailing and direction is devoted to maximizing the impact of the theme.

In this track, a gossamer web of neo-classical soul melodies form an emotive backdrop to Chris’s sympathetic rapping. Booming hip-hop beats dimensionalize and rhythmize the song. And Steve’s vocals blossom with his Trinidadian legacy, impressing on his accent. A rising screen of choral harmonies envelope the vocals to rise to an emotional crescendo.

The track is available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music!

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