Conceived by veteran and Vancouver musician, Bruce Wilson, Sunday Morning is a transformative music project with marked innovations swelling out of avant-garde compositions. Junky Don’t Care by Sunday Morning is the a-side of its latest double single release. With Explain the World on the b-side, the songs collectively compel gloomy epiphanies. Both songs have distinct styles. While Junky Don’t Care is a mellow acoustic exposition that is vocals intensive, Explain the World harnesses the assertiveness of rock instrumentation.

Sunday Morning debuted with a self-titled album that immediately received widespread critical acclaim and was even named “The best album from Vancouver in 2016” by The Georgia Straight. Wilson’s work reveals collaborations with a variety of artists in the Vancouver area including Stephen Hamm, Dave Genn, JP Carter, and others.

The doleful canvas of Junky Don’t Care is made up of funk-acoustic synapses that introduce us to hypnotic melody circuits. This daze is only intensified by Wilson’s haunting baritones. Unfiltered and bare, the vocals transpose the despair of the theme. And the slight lines of Golubovic’s vocal harmonies brings a fresh texture. Reminiscent of Tame Impala, the band create musical illusions that evokes a pensive state of mind.

The band consists of producer/guitarist Felix Fung, Max Sample on the bass, Shawn Marazek on the drums, and Jovana Golubovic on the vocals and keyboard.

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