Temperature Falls is an Indietronica/alternative rock duo based in Norway. Known for their rich psychedelic soundscapes with silk-smooth vocals and post-modern melodrama, the duo’s dreamy sonics are worlds of their own. The duo debuted with a self-titled album in 2019 and has since released a string of singles that have well-extended into 2020, 2021, and 2022. And in their latest album, Protagonist, they create ten fantastic musical expositions with fresh pallets and arrangements. With the first track, Apology, Temperature Falls disperses musical absolutes to craft a mellow flow that has us drifting to scenic highs.

The build of the track is transfixing. With an omnipresent bassline booming at the back, an intense knot of hypnotic synths comes undone gradually. Mellow beats gallop endlessly through the euphonic drama. And Camilla’s silk-smooth vocals, formless and divine, reign over the soundscape. Their prophetic infusion harnesses the abstract expressions of the melodies and clarifies them to the listener.

The range of the duo is endless. With each release, they widen their horizon and soundscapes to manifest their artistic vision. Their uncompromising devotion to truth and authenticity allows them to erect magnificent pillars of genre-bending sonic. Their complex weaves include everything from Hip-Hop to brash alternative rock, pop, and even blues.

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