The Art Crimes Band was formed in 2011 to carve a unique space within the R&B/Soul space. And boy! have they done a wonder with it! Hailing from Cork City, Ireland, and the USA, the band has a homegrown sound, bringing flavors of jazz, funk, and peppy pop to the R&B pool.  The six-piece band showcases versatile talent with myriad blends of instrumentation and a variety of sound profiles. In their new song, In the Dark of the Evening, The Art Crimes Band crafts picturesque blues, blazing with nostalgia and soul.

The track is led by the pulsing dance of the vocals. Its swirling romance and vintage charm mix beautifully with the soft floating piano melodies. A mellow-jazz aftertaste lingers wonderfully. And this is till it takes on the full front stage with the streaming saxophone solo. There’s soul, ambient blues, alluring rhythm, pop beats, and underground funk styles, all spun into an exquisite shimmering fabric of sonic. Listeners of Tom Misch, Loyle Carner, Thundercat, Anderson Paak will definitely enjoy this sound.

With Gary Baus on the alto saxophone, Stephen Kirby on the guitar, Niall Dennehy on drums and percussion, Grace McMahon on vocals, Tim O’Leary on bass, and Katie O’Donnell on piano & keyboards, the band makes for a sensational listening experience.

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