Formed in 1991, The Official 4pm is a soul-pop/R&B band that has a pronounced sound. Their original acapella style and sensibilities blossom into their sound even today. Some Of The Time by The Official 4pm is an engaging soul track accentuated by an electro-pop soundscape.

The band originally consisted of Roberto Peña Jr., Reney (Ray) Peña, Larry MacFarland, and Martin Ware. Their early releases have peaked at Billboard Top Ten, and have also been featured on Billboard Hot R&B Singles Chart. And it’s no surprise given their sophisticated compositions and production. The track is a conversational piece that crafts frames of a relationship. Streams of scaled melodies flow parallelly to form structures that fit into the story the lyrics are narrating.

Each glistening with mellow neon warmth, the soul scape induces us into a hypnotic trance. Even the texture of the vocals has a soothing allure. The falsettos are seamlessly stitched into drastic altos and mirrored by soprano harmonies. With subtle synthetic touches like twinkling synths and
vivacious beat grooves, the predominantly acapella track is stylized with edgy and fun R&B/Soul outfits, that are like no other.

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